COSMAC & CHIP-8 Resources

VIPER issues
PDF scans of VIPER, a hobbyist newsletter published between 1978 and 1984 focusing on RCA’s COSMAC VIP computer.

Paul C. Moews’ Programs for the COSMAC Elf
PDF scans of Programs for the COSMAC Elf, a series of booklets published by Paul C. Moews during the late ’70s and early ’80s.

My GitHub account hosts a collection of CHIP-8 programs and documentation I’ve written over the years.

CHIP-8 Technical Reference
This document aims to serve as a technical reference for a version of CHIP-8 that remains closely compatible with Joseph Weisbecker’s original implementation on the COSMAC VIP.

Mastering CHIP-8
I wrote this tutorial for the CHIP-8 language several years ago. It’s somewhat outdated, but will remain here for reference purposes.

CHIP-8 Extensions Reference
This document briefly describes the various extensions and derivative programming languages related to CHIP-8.