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Review: Otona No Amasa Kit Kat (Japan)

Here in America, the phrase “adult themed” has a certain connotation to it. Generally, it’s a polite way of saying “awwwww yeah, prepare for naked people.” The last thing I would consider marketing as adult themed is a Kit Kat bar. I don’t tend to associate naked people with Kit Kat bars. I ran across […] Read more...

Review: AriZona Soda Shaq Vanilla Cream Soda

Shaq’s been receiving a lot of criticism recently. Some people feel it’s hypocritical for him to release a soda line after voicing his support for efforts to prevent diabetes. Look. Can we stop ripping on Shaq for just one minute? It’s not his fault that Kazaam is one of the most hilariously bad movies of […] Read more...

Review: The Nestlé Kit Kat (UK)

It’s time for a showdown. Revolutionary War style. This past week, I spent some time at Tysons Corner Center, the largest shopping mall in the state of Virginia. Just as I was beginning to feel woozy from the toxic fumes emanating from the nearby Abercrombie, a Nestlé Kit Kat from the United Kingdom called out […] Read more...

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