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Review: Otona No Amasa Strawberry Kit Kat (Japan)

There are certain things in life that make me cringe. These include tuxedo T-shirts, cheddar cheese on apple pie, and every episode of MTV’s Jersey Shore.

These “Otona No Amasa” Strawberry Kit Kats from Japan also make me cringe. That’s probably why I’ve waited more than six months to write this review. Motivating myself to write about a candy that tastes similar to watered-down Pepto Bismol was easier said than done.

The scent of these Kit Kats is fruity and sweet, reminiscent of a strawberry yogurt. There’s a subtle initial flavor of strawberry — it seems artificial and chalky, but it’s still present. As you continue to chew, the flavor becomes full-on cough syrup and spreads all over your tongue. Nasty!

I understand Japan’s fascination with wacky-flavored Kit Kats, but there was no reason for Nestlé to manufacture these. Just like Billy Joel and automobiles, Kit Kats and strawberry flavoring should not mix. Even the color of these Kit Kats is off-putting; there’s nothing natural about a pink-colored Kit Kat with flecks of red strawberry mixed throughout.

I don’t know what’s more painful: the flavor of these Kit Kats, or knowing that I have a whole bag of them remaining.