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Review: UFC Sweet Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce

Do you know what the best part about having friends is? Spaghetti. Two good friends of mine kindly gifted me this packet of UFC Sweet Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce.

Like all good spaghetti sauce reviews, this one begins with a story. Because I haven’t acquired the permission of my friends to use their names on the internet, I will henceforth refer to the aforementioned amigos using the Ancient Scandinavian names Ragnbjörg and Jórunnr.

Despite his Nordic pseudonym, Ragnbjörg is of Filipino descent. After learning of my fascination with McSpaghetti, a spaghetti dish offered offered at Filipino McDonald’s restaurants, Ragnbjörg invited me over to his Viking castle and assembled a feast with the assistance of his ladyfriend Jórunnr. For the main course, Ragnbjörg prepared Filipino-style spaghetti, which is markedly sweeter than spaghetti doused in run-of-the-mill marinara sauce. According to Ragnbjörg, the secret ingredients are sugar, ketchup, and the blood of three goats sacrificed to the Norse god Heimdallr.

Ragnbjörg’s spaghetti was top-notch. His parents used to own a Filipino restaurant, so one can only assume he’s got that magic touch in the kitchen. The kid could probably whip up some mean dinuguan.

A few months after our feast, Ragnbjörg and Jórunnr gave me the UFC sauce you see here. Will it be anywhere near as delicious as McSpaghetti? (I would tell you, but I’ve never actually tried McSpaghetti. Don’t worry — it’s on my bucket list.)

The sauce is incredibly thick. As one would expect, it’s slightly sweet with an almost ketchuppy flavor. Unfortunately, it possesses a really powerful herbal quality, like someone threw way too much oregano or cilantro into their pot of tomato sauce. As a result, the sauce is super potent. I needed to add a significant amount of plain spaghetti to dampen the flavor to a tolerable level. Perhaps if this sauce was blended with a can of standard tomato sauce, the result might be more a bit more balanced.

I would recommend purchasing UFC Sweet Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce for an interesting break from the spaghetti sauce norm, or to smother any uncontrollable urges for McSpaghetti.

But if you can, stop by Ragnbjörg’s place. Just be sure to bring a few goats.