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Review: Otona No Amasa Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat (Japan)

Oh, college. Sometimes, you make me want to pull my hair out. The lectures, homeworks, and exams are all too much.

When I’m feeling particularly overworked, I do what any sensible person does to unwind — take a trip to my local H Mart to stock up on unhealthy foods. There’s just something so therapeutic about that Asian supermarket. Walking down an aisle stocked with enough instant ramen to give hypernatremia to an elephant is better for relieving stress than a deep tissue massage. Just think of all that sodium! Plus, the bakery inside makes cronuts. Need I say more?

While recently enjoying some much-needed relaxation at the H Mart in Edison, NJ, I stumbled across these babies.

Okay, so they’re not actually babies. H Mart doesn’t sell babies. They sell Kit Kats. Japanese matcha-flavored Otona No Amasa Kit Kats, to be exact. (If you haven’t seen my review of the chocolate Otona No Amasa Kit Kat, be sure to check it out over here.) At $7.49, most people would have found the bag overpriced, but I’m a sucker for Japanese Kit Kats.

Breaking open the bag, we find twelve miniature Kit Kats, each individually wrapped.

Removing the plastic wrapper reveals a Kit Kat tinted an alarmingly unnatural green hue. (I imagine leaving a normal milk chocolate Kit Kat on the bathroom floor for a few months could invoke a similar color.) The candy bar is speckled with darker green flecks which I assume are supposed to represent tea leaves.

After jamming one of the Kit Kat wafers far up my nostril, I can proudly confirm that yes, the green tea Kit Kat does indeed smell like matcha. There’s even a slight hint of white chocolate to the scent.

The green tea flavor of the Otona No Amasa matcha Kit Kat is lightly sweet and mellow, a gentle touch of matcha mixed with a creamy white chocolate base. (If you’ve ever tasted green tea ice cream, imagine that flavor in candy bar form.) There’s even something a bit leafy about the aftertaste. Because the green tea flavoring seems so mild, the plain cookie flavor of the wafers seems to shine through a bit more than with a regular chocolate Kit Kat.

Despite the high price tag, I’m glad I purchased these green tea Kit Kats. Their delicate matcha flavor is addictive, and I would recommend them to any fan of international sweets who has yet to experience one of Japan’s many marvelous Kit Kat flavors.

Peace. I’m-a go find out if elephants even eat ramen noodles.