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Review: Bourbon Petit Choco Chip Cookies (Japan)

Japan’s given the world an assortment of strangely flavored snacks. We’ve seen Pepsi-flavored Cheetos, cheese-flavored Kit Kats, and these things. That’s why I’m hoping these Bourbon Petit Choco Chip Cookies from Japan are actually bourbon-flavored. I can’t wait to get sloshed on these cookies.

The miniature cookies come packaged in red, tube-shaped plastic, complete with a waving cartoon bear and loads of Japanese text. Because I can’t read Japanese, I’ll assume the text is merely a warning that the cookies contain 80% alcohol.

The quarter-sized cookies are double-chocolate: a chocolate cookie base with chocolate chips. They smell strongly of cocoa with a slight hint of bittersweet chocolate.

The base of the cookie provides a strong cocoa flavor with a light chocolate sweetness. As the taste develops inside of the mouth, the chocolate chips serve to accent the cocoa flavor, adding moments of heightened sweetness. The cookie is crunchy, yet not brittle, and their bite-sized form makes them addictive by nature.

Unfortunately, I find the bourbon to be nearly undetectable in these cookies…

What’s that you say? Bourbon is the name of a cookie company?

I want my money back.