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Review: Otona No Amasa Kit Kat (Japan)

Here in America, the phrase “adult themed” has a certain connotation to it. Generally, it’s a polite way of saying “awwwww yeah, prepare for naked people.” The last thing I would consider marketing as adult themed is a Kit Kat bar. I don’t tend to associate naked people with Kit Kat bars.

I ran across this Otona No Amasa Kit Kat at Sunrise Mart in the East Village. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to read the box at the time of purchase; my Japanese skills are severely limited. (I know how to say “you are strong, Gamera!” but that’s about it.) Luckily, my good friend Mr. Google is multilingual. He assures me that “otona no amasa” roughly translates to “adult sweetness.”

The Otona No Amasa Kit Kat is sold in Japan as an adult alternative to the standard Kit Kat. It’s supposedly less sweet than your average, run-of-the-mill Kit Kat and features dark chocolate cookie crumbles layered between the wafers.

Notice the elegant packaging. This Kit Kat is clearly more sophisticated than the others on the market. A Kit Kat of this gentility must be enjoyed in a properly refined manner: accompanied by the finest Cuban cigars and a glass of Scotch.

The box contains three individually wrapped miniature Kit Kat bars. After removing one of the wrappers, I immediately noticed the Otona No Amasa Kit Kat’s dark black color. Both its appearance and scent are strongly reminiscent of dark chocolate.

Compared to a standard Kit Kat, the Otona No Amasa Kit Kat seems less sweet overall, but with a more prevalent bittersweet flavor. I happened to have an American Dark Chocolate Kit Kat on hand for a taste test. (Note: American Kit Kats are produced by Hershey, while Kit Kats in other parts of the world are manufactured by Nestlé.) After experiencing both, I’ve concluded that the Otona No Amasa Kit Kat seems much more subtle and reserved in flavor alongside the standard Dark Chocolate Kit Kat. Its bittersweet qualities suitably accent the chocolate’s creamy base without overwhelming the taste buds.

The inclusion of cookie crumbles between the wafers can only be detected faintly in the Otona No Amasa Kit Kat’s flavor. I sincerely doubt that anyone lacking prior knowledge of the cookie crumbles would be able to sense their presence.

All things considered, I found the Otona No Amasa Kit Kat to be much more enjoyable than the Dark Chocolate Kit Kat. Its flavors seem refined in comparison, and the chocolate seems to complement the wafers with a more meticulous finesse.

Just don’t try dipping it in Scotch. Big mistake there.

(Scotch Kats, anyone?)