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Review: Lay’s American Cheesy Paprika Potato Chips (Thailand)

I should officially declare my bedroom the First International Museum of Junk Food. There are snacks here from Thailand, Japan, Brazil, and Korea — all waiting to be reviewed. I’m kind of scared that I’m going to gain fifty pounds just trying to write about these things. Oh well. As the young’uns say, hashtag-yolo…I think?

My girlfriend recently took a trip to Thailand, where she had the pleasure of experiencing such wonders as Thai iced tea, pad Thai, and Thai-dye shirts. (Heyo!) Ladies, when you want to win the heart of a guy that writes about junk food, bring him back snacks from other countries. Any customs fees will be worth it. Trust me.

Take a look at this. Lay’s American Cheesy Paprika flavored potato chips, all the way from Thailand. Because if there’s anything we Americans are known for, it’s cheese and paprika.

Just look at that American flag themed bag. So patriotic. And do you see that gross pot of cheese oozing all over the place? They even sprinkled some paprika on top! How cute. Ooh, and they included a big ol’ pepper, just loafin’ around.

The bag was almost too beautiful to tear open, but I was unable to hold myself back from experiencing the cheesy paprika goodness which was surely awaiting me. As an American, I felt unpatriotic for not having tasted what is undoubtedly our national flavor. (It has our name on it, so it must be ours. Right?)

Thus, I tore open the bag and stuck my face in. Yup, it definitely smells like paprika and…curry? Is that curry I smell? Not what I was expecting, but okay. It seems that curry, one of Thailand’s most prominent flavors, is now a hallmark of American cuisine. Thanks for the memo, Lay’s. Because if there is anything we Americans are known for, it’s cheese, paprika, and curry.

And the taste? No surprise here. They taste like paprika and…curry. Am I missing something here? Maybe “cheese” really means “curry” in Thailinglish because there’s nothing cheesy about these potato chips. They’re not particularly bad, but I’m not too disappointed that “American Cheesy Paprika” is not actually sold in America. They have a slight spiciness to them which is rather pleasant, but paprika is definitely not a flavor I’ll be craving in my potato chips.

I expected an “American” flavor of potato chips to taste like bacon fat, hamburgers, and Bruce Springsteen songs. What a disappointment. I think it’s about time we start writing hate letters to Lay’s.

Big thanks to Stephanie for her editing assistance!