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A Yahoo Group dedicated to preserving the history of the COSMAC VIP.

CHIP-8 programs
My GitHub account hosts a collection of CHIP-8 programs and documentation I’ve written over the years.

CHIP-8 Documentation

CHIP-8 Technical Reference
This document aims to serve as a technical reference for a version of CHIP-8 that remains as closely compatible with Joseph Weisbecker’s original implementation on the COSMAC VIP.

Mastering CHIP-8
I wrote this tutorial for the CHIP-8 language several years ago. It’s somewhat outdated, but will remain here for reference purposes.

CHIP-8 Extensions Reference
This document briefly describes the various extensions and derivative programming languages related to CHIP-8.

PCM’s Programs Series

Programs for the COSMAC ELF was a series of booklets written and sold by Paul C. Moews in the ’70s and ’80s. Big thanks to Paul for the booklet scans!

IMPORTANT: These scans are for noncommercial use only!

VIPER Issues

VIPER was a newsletter published between 1978 and 1984 targeted toward hobbyists interested in RCA’s COSMAC VIP computer. Founded by Aresco, its early editors included Terry Laudereau, Rick Simpson, and Tom Swan. In 1981, the newsletter’s publication was continued by the VIP Hobby Computer Association (VIPHCA) under editor Ray Sills. VIPHCA ceased publishing VIPER in September of 1984.

Volume 1

Issue 1June 1978
Issue 2August 1978
Issue 3September 1978
Issue 4October 1978
Issue 5November 1978
Issue 6January 1979
Issue 7February 1979
Issue 8March 1979
Issue 9April 1979
Issue 10May 1979

Volume 2

Issue 1July 1979
Issue 2August 1979
Issue 3September 1979
Issue 4October 1979
Issue 5November 1979
Issue 6January 1980
Issue 7February 1980
Issue 8/9March/April 1980
Issue 10June 1980

Volume 3

Issue 1April/May 1981
Issue 2June/July 1981
Issue 3August/September 1981
Issue 4October/November 1981
Issue 5December 1981/January 1982
Issue 6February/March 1982

Volume 4

Issue 1April/May 1982
Issue 2June/July 1982
Issue 3August/September 1982
Issue 4October/November 1982
Issue 5December 1982/January 1983
Issue 6February/March 1983

Volume 5

Issue 1April/May/June 1983
Issue 2July/August 1983
Issue 3September/October 1983
Issue 4November/December 1983
Issue 5January/February 1984
Issue 6March/April 1984

Volume 6

Issue 1September 1984

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