Looking for some vintage computer documents that were hosted on my old website? Well, here they are. Enjoy!

VIPER Issues

The VIPER was a newsletter published between 1978 and 1984 that was targeted toward hobbyists interested in RCA’s COSMAC VIP computer. Although it was first published by Terry Laudereau at Aresco, the newsletter was later printed by Ray Sills, founder of the VIP Hobby Computer Association (VIPHCA). The VIPER frequently contained articles by author Tom Swan. VIPHCA ceased publishing the VIPER in September of 1984.

Volume 1

Issue Index
Issue 1 June 1978
Issue 2 August 1978
Issue 3 September 1978
Issue 4 October 1978
Issue 5 November 1978
Issue 6 January 1979
Issue 7 February 1979
Issue 8 March 1979
Issue 9 April 1979
Issue 10 May 1979

Volume 2

Issue 1 July 1979
Issue 2 August 1979
Issue 3 September 1979
Issue 4 October 1979
Issue 5 November 1979
Issue 6 January 1980
Issue 7 February 1980
Issue 8/9 March/April 1980
Issue 10 June 1980

Volume 3

Issue 1 April/May 1981
Issue 2 June/July 1981
Issue 3 August/September 1981
Issue 4 October/November 1981
Issue 5 December 1981/January 1982
Issue 6 February/March 1982

Volume 4

Issue 1 April/May 1982
Issue 2 June/July 1982
Issue 3 August/September 1982
Issue 4 October/November 1982
Issue 5 December 1982/January 1983
Issue 6 February/March 1983

Volume 5

Issue 1 April/May/June 1983
Issue 2 July/August 1983
Issue 3 September/October 1983
Issue 4 November/December 1983
Issue 5 January/February 1984
Issue 6 March/April 1984

Volume 6

Issue 1 September 1984

PCM's Programs Series

Programs for the COSMAC ELF was a series of booklets written and sold by Paul C. Moews in the seventies and eighties. Big thanks to Paul for the booklet scans! IMPORTANT: These scans are for noncommercial use only!

Programs for the COSMAC ELF: Graphics 1978
Sections: Introduction, Registers and Expanded Memory, Graphic Interrupt Routines, Variable Code
Programs: Display Routine (128 Byte), Display Routine (64 Byte), Display Routine (32 Byte), Variable Resolution Display Routine (48 Bytes), Horse Race, Pattern Generator, Stop Watch, Twelve Hour Clock
.PDF Scan

Programs for the COSMAC ELF: Music and Games 1978
Sections: Introduction, Music, Subroutines, Bridg-it, Reaction Time, Tic-Tac-Toe
Programs: Simple Music Program, Music which is Programmed to Change Speed, Display Subroutine, Hex to Decimal Subroutine, Decimal to Hex Subroutine, Examine Register Subroutine, Program to Use All Subroutines, A Die Throw, Pair of Dice Program, Random Number Generator (1-100), "Morra", Bridg-it Playing Program, Reaction Time Program, Tic-Tac-Toe
.PDF Scan

Programs for the COSMAC ELF: Interpreters 1979
Sections: Introduction, A Demonstration Interpreter, The CHIP-8 Language, Hardware Differences between 1802 Computers, A Complete Elf CHIP-8 Interpreter, Extending the CHIP-8 Instruction Set, Appendix
Programs: Demonstration Interpreter, Complete CHIP-8 Interpreter, Additional Skip Instructions, Multiply, Divide and 16 Bit Display Instructions, Six Bit ASCII Symbols, Addition (Demonstration Interpreter), Subroutine Use (Demonstration Interpreter), Addition Problems (Demonstration Interpreter), Addition Problems (Full Interpreter), Display ASCII Characters (Full Interpreter)
.PDF Scan

Notes for the VIP 1979
Refers to Programs for the COSMAC ELF: Interpreters
.PDF Scan

Programs for the COSMAC ELF: Elfish - An Interpretive Development System 1983
Sections: Use of Memory, The Instruction Set, Summary of Instruction Set, A Simple Program in Elfish, Use of Editor, The Assembler, A Simple Program in Elfish (with Labels)
Programs: A Simple Program in Elfish (Assembled), A Simple Program in Elfish (with Labels), The Interpreter, The Editor-Assembler
.PDF Scan